Good Luck Chuck

(2007) no stars R
96 min. Lionsgate. Director: Mark Helfrich. Cast: Jessica Alba, Dane Cook, Dan Fogler, Michelle Harrison, Ellia English.
Even the most abysmal romantic comedy will appeal to someone, and Good Luck Chuck is aimed squarely at those with a drunken-frat-boy mentality. Even they will be hard-pressed to score date-movie points with this loutish, booby-obsessed raunch-fest, which pays only lip service to romance. Dane Cook (natch) stars as Charlie Logan, a man living under the childhood curse of a demented Goth girl. Sigh. So this curse means that every woman Chuck beds will find a mate for life after dumping him. When the word gets out, every woman in a 75-mile radius wants to sleep with Chuck; unfortunately, he meets his true love (Jessica Alba) and realizes that if he sleeps with her, he'll lose her. It's all an astoundingly stupid excuse for a bunch of girls gone wild and simulated sex, which would be one thing if Good Luck Chuck were funny, but it's merely dirty, gross and generally off-putting.
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