2 Days in Paris

(2007) ** 1/2 R
96 min. Samuel Goldwyn Films. Director: Julie Delpy. Cast: Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg, Albert Delpy, Adan Jodorowsky, Daniel Brühl.

Fans of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are likely to enjoy this loose-limbed comedy, written, directed, edited, co-produced, and scored by Julie Delpy. Did I mention she's also the star? Delpy plays Marion, the exasperating French girlfriend of exasperating American boyfriend Jack (Adam Goldberg). That they're equally neurotic doesn't necessarily make them a perfect match, a persistent question that eventually reaches a head in the film's ambiguous final moments. Though redundant in some of its beats, Delpy's film is mostly fleet and funny, never more so than when hunkered down with the actress' real-life parents, who, naturally, play Marion's parents.

[For Groucho's interview with Julie Delpy, click here.]

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