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One to Another (Chacun sa nuit)

(2007) ** Unrated
94 min. Strand Releasing. Directors: Jean-Marc Barr, Pascal Arnold. Cast: Guillaume Bache, Nicolas Nollet, Pierre Perrier, Arthur Dupont, Lizzie Brochere.

/content/films/2886/2.jpg Transplanting the young, naked flesh and seedy theatrics of Larry Clark to sunny France, directors Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr neglect the primary compensations of Clark's work: a strong photographic imperative and an attention to sociological detail. Taking their inspiration from a true-crime news brief, Arnold and Barr continue in their natural-lit, handheld Dogme aesthetic but also blithely gravitate to poetic narration and nonlinear narrative. A group of four young men and one young woman—Pierre (Arthur Dupont), Nicolas (Guillaume Baché), Sébastien (Pierre Perrier), Baptiste (Nicolas Nollet), and Pierre's older sister Lucie (Lizzie Brocheré)—fractures when its magnetic center disappears under suspicious circumstances. The ensuing investigation shines light on the preternaturally beautiful quintet's sexual tangle, which includes casual nudism, plentiful bisexuality and possible incest. Feel free to enjoy the prurience and mull the mystery, but don't expect any insight.

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