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Race You to the Bottom

(2007) ** 1/2 R
74 min. Regent Releasing. Cast: Amber Benson, Cole Williams, Jeremy Lelliott, Justin Zachary, Justin Hartley.
Race You to the Bottom tells an only-in-California story: partly because it primarily takes place in Napa Valley, and partly because it's about a sexual relationship between a gay man and a straight woman. Travel writer Nathan (Cole Williams) and his unemployed friend with benefits Maggie (Amber Benson) take off on an all-expenses-paid vacation from their respective partners. Though their relationship already qualifies as infidelity, they're not immune from jealousies. The very modern idea of negotiating sexuality is probably more realistic than most of us imagine, but it takes some suspension of disbelief all the same. Happily, writer-director Russell Brown writes crackling banter and shows more than a prurient interest in his premise. That said, there's barely enough plot to fill out the film's 74 minutes, so Race You to the Bottom is more of a walk than a run.
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