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God Grew Tired of Us

(2006) *** Pg
86 min. Newmarket Films.
More Lost Boys of Sudan come to the screen in Christopher Quinn's documentary God Grew Tired of Us. Produced by Brad Pitt and narrated by Nicole Kidman, the film traces the paths of lost boys attempting to assimilate to American life. One lives in Syracuse, New York, while two others settle in Pittsburgh. The film doesn't shy from fish-out-of-water humor, but its heart comes from the humility of the refugees, their burning work ethic, and their struggle to stretch their income to provide not only for their own immediate, basic needs, but those of their families and villages. Ever conscious of the Lost Boy brotherhood, the men often feel isolated when apart, so some of the film's most potent moments are scenes of reunion. God Grew Tired of Us is a humane reminder of thanksgiving for American plenty and the imperative to aid others in need.
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