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Little Man

(2006)  1/2 Pg-13
97 min. Columbia Pictures. Director: Nicole Conn. Cast: Nicole Conn, Gwendolyn H. Baba, Nicholas James Baba-Conn, Gabrielle Baba-Conn, Jeannie Karaffa.
The Wayans Brothers are back with Little Man, another cartoony comedy destined to annoy critics and make a chunk of change anyway. Marlon Wayans plays Calvin, an ex-con jewel thief who happens to be a little person (to achieve this effect, Wayans' head is digitally superimposed on a little person's body). During a police chase, Calvin stashes a huge diamond in the purse of Vanessa (Kerry Washington). Then he decides to leave himself as a baby on the doorstep to infiltrate the home of Vanessa and her hubby (Shawn Wayans). The tortured contrivances keep on coming, but the laughs sadly don't. My favorite plot excuse? Child protective services is closed for the weekend—sorry kids! As a side note, movie fans may wish to note that the plot and many visual cues are borrowed from the Chuck Jones cartoon "Baby Buggy Bunny," which in turn may have pilfered from the Our Gang short "Free Eats." Anyway, if your taste runs to scatology and you find little people inherently funny, Little Man may be the movie for you.
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