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WonderCon 2006 preview (archived)

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This year's Comic-Con—to be held at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center Feb. 10-12, 2006—touts among its many Special Guests Bryan Singer (Superman Returns); JJ Abrams (Mission: Impossible 3); Frank Miller (Sin City); Wes Craven, Aaron Stanford, and Vinessa Shaw (The Hills Have Eyes); Paul Walker and Wayne Kramer (Running Scared); Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), with Jason Mewes in tow; Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick); Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy); Deborah Kara Unger (Silent Hill); John Moore (The Omen remake); Noel Neill (TV's "Lois Lane"); Erik Larsen (publisher of Image Comics); artists Chris Bachalo (artist on Uncanny X-Men), Ramona Fradon (Silver Age Aquaman), Gahan Wilson, and stalwart con-goer Sergio Aragonés (Groo and Mad magazine); and popular writers Grant Morrison (All Star Superman), Greg Rucka (Gotham Central, Supergirl), Mark Waid (The Flash), Peter David, and Mark Evanier, among many others.

The programming schedule includes Hollywood preview presentations and Spotlight panels with the aforementioned guests, as well as panels like "Star Wars Saga—There's More to Come," hosted by Steve Sansweet (Head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm); unveilings from DC, Dark Horse, and Bongo Comics; another Creature Features retrospective with local legends Bob Wilkins and John Stanley; presentations from The Charles M. Schulz Museum ("Sugar and Spice: Little Girls in the Funnies An Exhibition of Peanuts Girls and their Predecessors, Contemporaries, and Successors") and the Cartoon Art Museum ("Gross, Gruesome and Gothic"); and the sophomore year of the WonderCon Masquerade.

Screenings galore will fill the weekend, including Running Scared, Brick, a full slate of anime and premieres of Done the Impossible, The Fans' Tale of Firefly and Serenity-A Documentary and upcoming DVD releases Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and Broken Saints.

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